Spiritual Tiik

Holistic Practitioner

Transformational Coaching

Spiritual Tiik is a spiritualist who utilises  transformational coaching coupled with energy healing in an effort to  support beautiful souls to elevate to a new version of themselves. Tiik does this through 1:1 and group coaching were she focuses on the mind, body and soul. The enlightening combination of energy healing (soul), psychology (satisfy the ego: mind) and physical health (body) in conjunction with consistency is the key to full in the transformation. Spiritual Tiik is a firm believer that every situation has the ability to transform as long as the beautiful soul is open and ready to shed their skin and live out a happier version of SELF.

Sound Therapy

Spiritual Tiik is a sound therapist who’s training is from the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal with the pioneer of Tibetan Sound Therapy, Shree Krishna Shahi (Master Shree). The universe provided a gateway for Tiik to work with Shree as through her travels she “stumbled” across a sound therapist course that felt unique. At the time, Tiik was unaware that Master Shree learned about the bowls from his Tibetan grandfather, nor that he traveled the world teaching students and healing.  Tiik was honoured to work with Master Shree as he presents as genuine soul who continue to contribute to promote healing through use of sound bowls. Tiik carries on the power of hand made Tibetan Sound Bowls which vibrate at different frequencies and promotes deep relaxation and healing. Spiritual Tiik acknowledges the power of healing and during every session inherit this mantra “become the bowl.” These words spoken to Tiik during her training with Master Shree, reminds her of the power of energy healing and working with metals. The ancient hand made Tibetan Sound bowls can have up to 8 different metals in them which further promotes deep healing. The mantra become the bowl invites Tiik as the practitioner to set an intention with the sound bowls and each note to infect every beautiful soul with a deeper healing.

Tiik Speaks

Spiritual Tiik is a powerful motivational speaker who allows her vessel to be used to channel messages from the divine into the heart of every beautiful soul she encounters whether physically or virtually. Tiik’s life experience is a testimony that can empathise to any experience that is impacting a beautiful soul. This enables Tiik to empower the hearts of her viewers with her authenticity, passion and love for spiritual beings having human experiences.  To date, Tiik have spoken on international stages with influencers such as Master Sri Arkarshana (Law of Attraction Influencer) and mentored by powerful life changers such as Marie Diamond, Global Influencer(The Secret; Energy Numbers, Feng Shui expert and empath). Tiik divine mission is to carry out a vision she had where she seen herself on a stage of hundreds of thousands of people whilst blue indigo crystals were being absorbed into her body. Tiik didn’t know the how, but knew, it would be her life work to impact millions of lives raising their vibrations to enable them to live their truth.


Spiritual Tiik views about the word spiritualist varies as she is aware it is coupled with a vast meaning for each individual person. For Tiik, being a spiritualist is simply to assist others to heal and support their journey of remembering who they are. Tiik’s life mission on this planet is to be utilised as a spiritual vessel to shine light into millions of souls on this planet. Being an open channel supports the mission and the connection to source (our god, creator) where everything just is and anything is possible.