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The art of living your truth is to be open to TRANSFORMATION. Giving yourself permission to experience alternative ways of healing your mind body and soul. As a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Sound Healer, Spiritual Coach and International Speaker it is my divine mission to utilise combination therapy to assist beautiful souls to achieving optimal health. 

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Spiritual Tiik

Latiika aka Spiritual Tiik is a dynamic spiritual being originally from Los Angeles, California then transplanted to London in 2009.Tiik’s travels across the WEST and the EAST has opened a portal to her overstanding the connection to energy and strengthened the love she has for people, this planet and the universe. Her divine misson in life is to be used as a spiritual vessel to help people all over the world. She does this by utilising her natural awareness to connect with individuals on a spiritual level to help release physical and energetic pain, trauma and limiting believes.  


Spiritual Tiik is a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, A Sound Healer, Spiritual Coach, and International Speaker. 

Transformational Therapy

As a spiritual empath, I am aware of the uniqueness of YOU. The journey to optimal health is as beautiful as your fingerprint; different to every soul. Therefore, it is my divine purpose to support you on your journey creating a transformational plan to empower greatness with in you. This includes combination therapy, holistic supplements and coaching to unblock and release trauma and pain in the physical and energetic body.


Reiki Therapy

Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’ and originates from Japan. Reiki treatments are designed to help the body heal emotionally and spiritually. Reiki therapy can be done at distance or through touch. Benefits of Reiki Treatments include: creating deep relaxation, release stress, and tension; dissolves energy blocks and promotes nature balance of mind body and soul; helps to release toxins; clears the mind and improves focus; improves sleep, help to relieve pain and much much more. Reiki is a compliment to traditional therapies.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing assists you to transform areas in your life such as your health, finances, your relationships, your spirituality and much more.  This is completed by focusing on the subconscious mind to help reprogram limiting belief systems into positive beliefs, promoting profound life changes. The benefits of Theta Healing is as follows: Deep relaxation, anxiety reduction, increase intuition, lowers heart rate, mind & body healing; improves emotional connections with self and others; increases levels of creativity and bridge to higher spiritual connection.

Sound Therapy

The use of the Tibetan Singing bowls have been known to improve over all well-being for thousands of years. The sound bowls have been used during meditation to promote deep relaxation. The sound bowls have reported to reduce stress, lower anger and blood pressure, improve circulation, pain relief, increase. Mental and emotional clarity, balance the chakras and promote stillness and happiness..

Spiritual Coaching

Have you ever experienced or know someone who has experienced being lost or stuck in their situation? This is what life can feel like when you are not living your dream or your truths. The aim is to create a better version of YOU through utilising spiritual and psychological strategies. As a result, Spiritual Tiik has created a dynamic coaching program to assist clients to achieve success in all areas of their lives..


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The Stanley Halls

12 South Norwood Hill

London SE25 6AB

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