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Cumbria retreat for the divine feminine

The Cumbria Retreat is designed for the divine feminine to tap into her sacral chakra and release the trauma of the past and this lifetime. It gives every beautiful soul an opportunity to connect to ancestors and expand on their spiritual connections whether they are new or well into their journey.


Eye allow spirit to use me as a vessel to identify your highest good and deepest challenge. Eye support the divine feminine to expand through standing with you - not in front or behind. Reminding you that suga you are not alone and it’s safe to be vulnerable.


Eye am ready to stand in power with you. The question is suga dumplin are you ready to heal on physical mental emotionally and spiritually level….if the answer is YES then click link in bio and get your consultation today.


Love and absolute light. 🤍

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Cumbria retreat for the divine masculine

This Retreat is designed for the divine masculine to tap into his lower chakras in an effort to heal the wounds and past trauma within his lineage. The divine masculine is required to balance the energy of the divine feminine within the body on the journey and road to healing. This will increase his spiritual awareness and bring into balance the disconnect within this lifetime and beyond. 


Often, the divine masculine negates the divine feminine energy, however it's paramount to keep both balanced within the body. The divine feminine prioritises healing and it is now time for the divine masculine to prioritise healing too. 

This retreat is designed for the divine masculine to feel safe in an environment where they can be vulnerable to release ancestral trauma. As a divine feminine, Eye allow my vessel to be used to identify your highest good and deepest challenges by balancing the divine feminine energy within you.


Eye am ready to stand in power with every man who is ready to embark on their healing journey, trusting the process in an effort to rebuild the relationship within themselves and their relationship with others. If you're ready, register your interest below.

Love and absolute light. 🤍

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1 Day Sacral Chakra (Womb) Virtual Retreat

The purpose of this event is to support the Divine Feminine to make space to reconnect to the Sacral Chakra (womb) on a physical and spiritual level. The Sacral Chakra is what Tiik calls the seat of the soul as this energy centre holds life, in the womb. When we are in our mother's womb we are subjected to any traumas our mothers endure as well as through our ancestral lineage, which can have an impact on us later in life.

This virtual retreat is designed to help you rediscover your power through the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is one of 7 main chakras in the body and the gateway to our creativity, passions and sexual energy. When this area is blocked it can lead to energy blockages in the body which can manifest into physical problems in the stomach, intestines and reproductive organs. 


This virtual retreat will support each participant to become aware of energy and undertake exercises to release stagnation in the body.


This event is spirit led, meaning eye sent out a frequency to attract vessels who are ready to elevate from where they are to where they want to be and if you are ready for this, you, beautiful soul, sent a frequency for change to occur in your life. As a result, eye trust that every vessel

that has come this far is ready to embark on a journey of release to attract their

highest and truest desires. 

Beautiful Soul, have faith that your time is now and trust better is already here. 

Eye look forward to being the vessel that stands with you in power, supporting you to

regain your truth and align your purpose.

Love and absolute light. 🤍



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Costa rica retreat March 2024

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