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Let Their Voices Shine Light Into  Another Soul 


"...What made get on her table is someone was raving about her..."


" The combination of your voice together with the bowls... amazing! 

Even whilst you were just talking the bowls were singing. " 


" The meditation was very powerful, I saw a few of the images that was mentioned today and in the other sessions you've done over the last few weeks, like being in and see the desert and pyramids and being somewhere that looked like a rain forest... I also keep seeing the colour green and  purple in your meditation sessions. 

Thank you once again, I appreciate you. " 

Ms B 

“…my session was powerful, i felt an immediate difference and could feel the surge of energy through my body…the best part is my family notice a difference in me too, my moods changed, I was calmer, I slept better, I had less anxiety and was happier. Tiik is amazing, I will recommend her any day and definitely will remain a client...”


" My experience of therapies with Spiritual Tiik have been a soul lifting experience. Tiik is a beautiful woman who is open and honest, 

she patiently explained my therapies and everything that was going to take place in my healing. 

Tiik gave me the tools to removed blockages and supported my healing. The vibration I felt was so high and pure. Her energy is so peaceful I immediately felt relaxed and safe in her hands in a comfortable environment. My belief in self has now returned and I am now on a new journey of self discovery, thanks to Tiik "

- Jackie


"Attending the Tibetan Sound Bowl Meditation sessions have been a great spiritual investment for me. I don't just hear the soothing sounds of the bowls , but I get to be intouch with the 7 Chakras deep from within, which gives me a sense of healing and achievement after each session"


"…You have an incredible gift and I appreciate you taking time out to share with us all. Your hands went directly to where I have been feeling immense tension so I have no doubt in your ability to heal. It is such a blessing to see you walking in your purpose so bold and connected to source….”


“…Tiik is like some angel incarnated in a physical body. She just isn’t real, but her GIFT is and I have seen the change working with her. I recommend her to anyone who is ready to transform life. Her genuine spirit and honesty keeps you uplifted every time…”


"I felt like I was floating off my cushion..."


"I feel so happy..."


" The class is the highlight of my week..."


" After a long working day it makes me calm..."

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