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Tiik's Journey into Spirituality

Beautiful Souls,

I don’t believe there are enough words to describe this journey into accepting my path on this planet. However, what I share with you here, if it encourages one beautiful soul to seek out their truth, then my heart will smile with joy.

If I can take you back into time, but not too far back, I remember a life of having an inner knowing about people, their experiences and the facts of life. I have always “travelled” in my dreams even when I didn’t understand what travelling actually meant. And I don't believe I ever would have thought that one day, I would call myself Spiritual Tiik and be on a mission to supporting and inspiring millions to live their truth. But like many, the journey has always been not shy of the light and shadow work. One will classify that our traumas and pain are huge negatives, however, I don't see it this way. The areas of life we classify as negative have supported the birth of many positives and shifts in my life. Now, I don't have time to get into each of them now (you can read about it in my book) but its important to acknowledge the start.

I must admit, though, even with years of “knowing” there was a light inside of me, I never knew what to do with this light. But one day, I moved to the UK and the journey of SELF began. Who am I, Why am I here, What do I do next, am I supported and how will I know? All of the questions that some or many of you may have about your own journeys.

It was not until, I fully accepted my purpose which was revealed to me in December 2014 in a dream. A simple angelic dream with the message "your divine purpose is it be used as a vessel to help people all over the world." What a TALL order I thought, they must have the wrong person. I wasn’t ready to accept being public about my spirituality as its something I practiced in secret (yes the double life). However, I knew the truth, I too was apart of the collective consciousness.

The journey began and I continued with my travels and shadow work to be certain that this was my path. Every sign, physical and spiritually lead me to who I am today. When I was ready to "come out" and practice spiritual work publicly, I contacted my mom. I said mommy, please help me, I need to establish the name I want the world to know me as, leaving a legacy. I remember her beautiful eyes as she smiled and said simply “Spiritual Tiik,” so simple, yet so POWERFUL. She further responds, “baby girl, this is who you have been your whole life, you've always been my angel of light.” And so it settled in my spirit, I am Spiritual Tiik a divine vessel to help raise the vibration on this planet.

The acceptance of my place on this planet and removing my human fears of exposing myself to the world, pushed me to do things I strongly disliked such as social media. But let's talk about it, how else am I meant to impact millions.

So here now, my company name is Gifts of Sol. Again, thanks mom for supporting me with a business name which expresses my purpose to serve the beautiful souls on this planet. The company name embraces the Spanish word for Sun "Sol" which reminds me of the light the sun emits into our beautiful souls.

A message for the eyes of the beautiful soul reading this, remember your power. Everything you need is within you. Trust your process and your journey.

Love and Light,

Spiritual Tiik

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