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Infuse Your Spirit with Love

Rejuvenate and Renew Self Care with Tiik

Spend time with Spiritual Tiik and let her help you rejuvenate, renew and heal aspects within yourself with her sound bowls and natural energy. 

Feel free to come as you are wearing comfortable clothes, bringing a bottle of water and a yoga mat/cushion.  

This workshop will take place at Stanley Arts. 12 South Norwood Hill. London. SE25 6AB 


Sunday 27th March 2022 - 10.00am to 12.00pm

Tickets £11.11 

Live Workshop (London)

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Vibrate with Tiik

(Tibetan Sound Bowls Meditation)

Spiritual Tiik created Vibrate with Tiik following a vision she received from spirit in 2019. Spirit had shown Tiik that the meditation would support millions of individuals to gain access to the ability to release stagnate energy in and outside of the body. To gain sense of calm and peace from the serenity of a deep subconscious meditation to promote an effortless relaxation improving sleep and releasing stressors in mind and body. Tiik combines this meditation with the use of her Tibetan Sound Bowls which correlate to each chakra vibrating a frequency of divine healing.

If you are ready to dive deep into a relaxed state, sign up for Tiik’s monthly Vibrate With Tiik Membership for less than price of coffee.


Total:  Investment £19 - per calendar month

To get started with your month membership:-

Online Meditation

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Power Shower Meditation

This meditation is perfect for anytime of the day. This guided meditation from Tiik, invites you to clear your mind, go into a deep relaxation and rid your energy of any pain, stress, dis-comfort in the body. The overall aim is to clear and protect your energy, supporting a daily journey into connecting to the divine, creating the peace and happiness you deserve.

Total:  Investment Only  £7.77 

See link below to register:- 

Online Meditation

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Spiritual Tiik comes into agreement with every soul reading this message now. Tiik believes that everyone deserves a moment to Re- Treat. The hustle and bustle of the day and from the likes of 2020/21, the fear and social emotional implications life have had on our mental, physical and emotional bodies. Tiik encourages self care as it is paramount to recharging and healing the body. Don't miss out on your opportunity to relax, release and let of the limiting beliefs, physical pain and emotional pain that may contribute to you not achieving your goals or attracting (manifesting) your dreams into reality.

Throughout the year, Tiik launches 3, 5 and 7 day retreats. Don’t miss out on your opportunity for self.

Cumbria (5 days 4 nights retreat )

Embark on the beautiful scenic views of the Lakes whilst diving deep into your healing  and spiritual journey. 

This retreat is all Inclusive with exception of travel to and from the venue.

22nd September to 26th September 2022

(limited spaces available)

Ghanian Cultural Retreat (5 Day retreat) Dates to be confirmed 

An opportunity to explore the history of Ghana whilst connecting to your inner light and wellbeing. 

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Distance Retreat

Transformational Energy Healing Programs

Online & Live programs  

Your healing journey is defined by your life experiences coupled with your traumas, limiting beliefs and stagnate energy in your physical body. Spiritual Tiik has designed treatment programs that assist your healing journey on every level, this includes, your mind body and soul. Tiik learned throughout her years of practice that each individual is unique and to promote healing, it must be radical. Meaning  an intensive holistic program  that encourages beautiful souls to commit to wanting to see change in every area of their life. This program is not for anyone who isn’t ready to commit to self and or who is not ready to see the situation in their life shift. If you are an individual that have struggled, had loss and grief, feel like you can’t discover your purpose, even though you may have tried everything, then a transformation program may be right for you.

Please note that Tiik utilises her natural abilities as an empath coupled

with Reiki, Theta Healing, Spiritual Coaching and Bio Scanner to ignite change within our life.

For current programs please see the booking page

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Reiki Attunements -  

For all you Beautiful Souls who feel like you want to help others in the world heal or you want to learn how to self or just tap back into your innate abilities, then a Reiki Course might be just right for you.  Spiritual Tiik has Reiki Level 1 and 2 courses throughout the year. If you are interested, don't hesitate register today as spaces are subject to fill up quickly. (Due to covid-19, Tiik limits the number of people to class)

Reiki Level 1 Course Dates:-

12th Mar | 14th May | 17th Sep 



Distance & Live classes 

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Spiritual Tiik is a firm believer that we are never a true “master” as there is always another level to extend and grow. Therefore, Tiik promotes learning and expanding to encourage individuals to live out there truth. There are a number of courses that will be available offline and online. Please register your interest and Tiik will keep you posted on a course coming soon.

Online and Live Courses 

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New Moon Circle Ritual and Meditation 

Spiritual Tiik has teamed up with Just Bri to bring you a powerful healing session of manifestation, expansion and healing. 

The question you should have is are you ready to manifest your dreams into reality creating a higher version of you.

These sessions take place on the evening of every New Moon (BST) via an invite through Zoom.


1st Feb | 2nd Mar | 1st Apr | 30th Apr | 30 May | 28th Jun 

Online Meditation

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